Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to get there: Namsan Cable Car station and Namsan Oreumi 남산 오르미

Walk until you see the stairs to the cable car station


1- From Myeongdog station exits 2 or 3 
2- Walk straight turn right when you see Pacific Hotel (You will pass by Namsan Guesthouse
3- Walk uphill till you arrive at the station

WALK SCORE: ★ 5/10 

Again it's uphill T_T 

I recommend: 

  • Ready your legs 
  • Bring camera (Some of the walls to the cable car station has murals) 
  • Bring camera (Duhh you're going to Namsan tower) 
  • Bring your own locks
  • Bring your own sharpie
  • Or you can buy them at the tower itself for ‎₩11,000 with free sharpie or you can buy it for ₩6,000 on a tteokbokki house before you climb up th 

You can also use the Namsan Oreumi 남산 오르미 (Elevator) and save your feet! 

It's a FREE elevator ride that can take you to and from the Namsan cable car station. 


1- From Myeongdog station exit 4 or Hoehyeon station exit 1
2- Walk straight until the Hoehyeon intersection 
3- From Myeongdong station turn LEFT at the intersection (No need to cross the road) then walk straight till you see the elevator 
4- From Hoehyeon station walk straight CROSS THE INTERSECTION then turn right till you see the intersection. (If you missed to cross the road at the intersection and you're just too excited to turn right there's an underpass that will take you right at the foot of the elevator more like escalator)   

WALK SCORE: ★ 2/10 piece of cake! 

Did it help? Let me know and leave your comments :D 


  1. Did you know that there is an elevator up to the cable car station? I have done the walk before and never again! ��

    1. Since we are staying at Namsan Guesthouse 1 It's so near from there xD But you are right I need to add the elevator here xD Thank you~~

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